First Thoughts

A project log for Gun Trigger Force Logger

This is a project which aims to create a DIY solution to fight bad aim due to uneven pressure on the trigger by smartphone logging over BT.

Emil JEmil J 08/19/2014 at 20:170 Comments

In the beginning, we thought that sticking a USB cable in a notebook and having an Arduino on the other end would be enough. Well, nope! The cable would be freaking annoying when trying to get the ultimate shot. Bluetooth slipped into mind almost immediately as a pretty universal solution. BLE was chosen for the low energy consumption - we want to keep the weigh including the batteries low so the feel of the gun isn't heavily affected. After a while of googling a 0,25" force sensor was chosen due to the size of the trigger. The real challenge is mounting the sensor on the trigger, we might need to modify the trigger itself - or even opt out for a different solution. We'll see about that later, when we actually have the necessary supplies to get the thing going.