Pattern Improvements

A project log for Flex Modules

Wearable breakout boards. Flex Modules have 2.54mm castellations for breadboard and solder on to wearable flexible PCBs

chris-hamiltonChris Hamilton 08/01/2015 at 18:050 Comments

Our last order from OSHPark I made the solder bridge spacing 10mil. These look much better and should be less of a challenge to solder. I'll be porting our castellation shape, solder bridges, and the Flex Module patterns to Eagle (and KiCAD) soon. We had a volunteer for some layout work and so I need to make our patterns more portable.

I am still working on some firmware updates, especially to our haptic boards as they are so popular and the current libraries from Adafruit and Precision Microdrives are limited in features and testing.

We got our initial TinyLED and rigid Light Square designs back from DirtyPCB and they look good. I'll test them and hopefully get some videos up of them soon. The accelerometer on the TinyLED is not going to work (I missed a couple of pins) on the initial design. I'll have a run ordered after testing that should work :).

I have a bunch of samples in from Arrow (thanks ST, TI) and Coilcraft, so the new Flex Module projects I put up should be coming along. Many of the light sensing boards will take a few revisions to get right as they will have source LEDs that need experimental placement to be reflected accurately. Some boards take only a day. Some take months of testing.