Aquila 2.0 Released! - MQTT-SN based IoT Platform

A project log for Aquila IoT Platform

Internet of Things rapid prototyping platform.

RodmgRodmg 10/09/2016 at 05:230 Comments

Aquila 2.0 implements a MQTT-SN gateway, bridge and libraries for wireless nodes.

It allows the communication of low power devices using various types of RF (currently 915MHz rfm69 radio and 2.4 Ghz 802.15.4 Altair board) with standard MQTT networks without losing the low power nature of the devices and the features of a full MQTT implementation.

Characteristics of Aquila 2.0:

- Ideal for low power networks
- MQTT all the way via MQTT-SN
- Sleeping nodes support according to MQTT-SN spec
- Security by default (using radio encryption features when available)
- Easy and flexible implementation
- Interoperability between different wireless networks via MQTT

Aquila 2.0 consists of:

- Gateway MQTT-SN
- Bridge (Firmware)
- Wireless nodes (Firmware and MQTT-SN libraries)

Check it out!: