Initial board form-factor

A project log for HID emulator for Phone-based Password Managing

Bluetooth dongle to pair with your cellular phone for universal password management. The name? The Micromanager.

Ron BroganRon Brogan 08/21/2014 at 02:370 Comments

Above is a board layout to get a feel for how components might be placed on the final product. I don't have a schematic or BOM available, because those parts are still in flux. I'm also still determining what bluetooth module to go with and if I'll be using an external microcontroller. 

For which bluetooth chip to use, I'm getting ready to evaluate two components:

I have ordered a breakout board to test these components and hopefully provide a good testing platform. I've included a screenshot from Eagle below.

It's all modular with .1" headers and should be able to accommodate QFN 32 5mmx5mm as well as QFN 40 6mmx6mm.  This way it is possible to use jumper wires to change configuration quickly. The above board fits on a 5x5cm board, which brings the cost down to below 1 dollar per board, which is pretty awesome. Once these come in, I'll begin with the testing of which chip to use, or if an entirely different product is needed.