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A project log for Insect Camera Rig

A DSLR camera rig built on the cheap

TecratalTecratal 08/05/2014 at 19:540 Comments

I've obtained most of the materials I'll need. I started making the frame. I still need to come up with a good way of mounting the laser and sensor that allows me to adjust it accurately.

I originally was going to make the flash units out of disposable cameras. I can get plenty of used ones for free. The only issue I was running into was the time it takes for it to charge. It uses a very small transformer so it has a pretty low limit. My solution to this is to use the circuit out of a handheld bug zapper. I can get them for free from Harbor Freight so the price is right. I burnt up the transistor on one of the boards powering it with a lithium-ion battery. Using the C batteries it came with did work quite well though.

The strobe that will handle lighting up the background will be based on a 10" Xenon tube from Electronics Goldmine powered by capacitors from disposable cameras and the bug zapper charge circuit.

Both of the strobes will be controlled with a IGBT to allow me to have a very short flash duration.