Frame Construction

A project log for Insect Camera Rig

A DSLR camera rig built on the cheap

TecratalTecratal 08/21/2014 at 00:530 Comments

I have the basic frame of the insect rig partially done. It is made with aluminum square tubing. This makes it nice and sturdy while still being light. I've drilled some extra holes in it to let me play around with mounting positions to see which works best. I need to make up some better right angle brackets though--the ones I have are slightly raised around where the screw goes in, which causes it to not be square. 

I decided I wanted to mount the laser above the camera's image sensor. By doing this the laser will be pointed at a downward angle to be in the center of the image. I believe this is a good idea so the laser won't be shined up in the air towards people's faces. The laser is low power and will not cause any harm, but I could easily see people getting upset (and rightfully so) if that happened.