FBA is now hardware-complete!

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A custom-protocol multi-component stage lighting/FX system.

Lord K-OSLord K-OS 07/25/2016 at 05:270 Comments

The Flood Bank Array (FBA) boards now have completed enclosures, have endured a bit of drop-shock testing and are fully debugged... Each board now works on all channels (R/G/B/W). The Control Console (CC) software has had some further debugging work, with the addition of the manual FBA control screen now fully functioning (which is how I tested/repaired the FBA boards just now, which is exactly what that screen is primarily intended for). Yay, progress!

I may upload a video of it working, but it's a set of RGB lamps on a board... What's to see? The guts are a bit hacky (due to some unforeseen PCB repair issues related to how the board was laid out), but they work, despite some of the seemingly-exploded TIP120 transistors that have leads attached and are glued down in no certain order looking like a weird dead-bug style of construction.

Now, to add in more commands and automation. The code was cleaned up on both the arduino and python sides, but I'd still like to implement a little bit more before I post any of it.