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A project log for VisualK-OS (Control Console) [Prototype]

A custom-protocol multi-component stage lighting/FX system.

Lord K-OSLord K-OS 08/08/2016 at 07:210 Comments

I've realized some of the limitations that the current protocol imposes (parameter specification for more complex device control, among other things I can't think of at the moment), so some things needed to be addressed. Namely, keeping the constant values synchronized between the Arduino/Python sides of things was becoming tedious, so the serial comms approach needed reworking. I'm trying to break the dependency on strings (as it is expensive overhead on the Arduino side of things), so commands and parameters are now limited to one byte. Granted, this puts an arbitrary limit of 256 on the number and size of commands and any associated parameters. For now, I can deal with that... By the time that becomes a limitation, I imagine I will have thought of or been exposed to a new methodology to accomplish what is needed.

So, with this addition of the standardization of the headers/constants, I need only refine the serial implementation's use of delimited strings to a series of bytes and then I shall be ready to post the code. I hope it may be help to someone, but I doubt anyone will be replicating my work as such. Stay tuned! >: )