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A project log for USB BiPower OTG Flex Module

Bipolar power supply +/- 3.3V from USB. + rail is ~3A, - rail is ~300mA. For sale on Tindie.

Chris HamiltonChris Hamilton 11/30/2014 at 08:540 Comments

I have been working with TI on adding in optional charger support. Ideally, this module can run independent of a microcontroller or a charger. If it is standalone, it will do a BCD1.2 compatible check for a USB charging source to harness power. I believe I can also support OTG and if you have been watching our github, you will see some initial schematics. I'll be working with some new chips that are i2c based, but should cost similar and still work standalone. Providing OTG power support is pretty rare, so I think it will be an interested feature. In addition, there will be significantly improved filtering.