part 5: it goes open source

A project log for DSP 01: hi-fi audio signal processor

a digital signal processor with integrated multi-channel amplifier for high-fidelity speakers.

tshen2tshen2 11/08/2014 at 18:250 Comments

i've decided to make DSP 01 an open source project.

you can find all the files here.

this is not one of those open source projects where i misdirect you to an indecipherable Github folder. i've organized my files in a clear way. i want you to be able to see exactly what i did, how i did it, and how to do it yourself.

i've put all my design files on an open source page where you will find everything you need to build yourself a DSP just like this one. you are welcome to.

the faster i give away these projects, the less reason i have to stand still. it's not like i will sell it anyways - i already have a (massive) day job, and much bigger ideas to chase. so this one is for you - build it, learn from it, use it everyday.

there are no strings attached. this is a gift.

Tshen2 2014