Build Log 4- accelerometers

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An easy to build wireless data logger that I'm using to analyze mountain bike suspension performance

jeromekeltyjeromekelty 08/14/2014 at 06:132 Comments

The linear sensors will measure the suspension travel vs. time but I also need four accelerometers to measure the vertical axis g-forces at the front and rear axles and at two points of the main frame- near the steerer tube and crankset. The axles will see upwards of 40 g so I'll use an ADXL78 accelerometer mounted as close to the axle as possible. The accelerometers mounted to the two frame positions will be the ADXL326 since the frame will see a much lower vertical force at these points.

With this setup I'll be able to take readings that reflect the difference in suspension settings relative to what is happening at the wheels. If I ride over a specific course over and over I can compare the the accelerometer readings in the frame and axles at any given point in time and immediately see what changes are created by altering compression and rebound damping settings.


jeromekelty wrote 10/27/2015 at 18:39 point

So far it definitely logs the accelerometer data from the ADXL326. I still need to make the linear sensors- I just haven't had time with my other project workload! I hope to be back on this soon.

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Peter wrote 10/27/2015 at 07:22 point

did you get this operational, looking to build something similar to fit onto a competition 4wd vehicle, sensor set for each wheel, including speed sensor, then try and figure out the data

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