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A project log for LED Matrix Fairplay hack

Creating a new display controller for a Fairplay scoreboard LED matrix

willbadenwillbaden 09/02/2014 at 00:170 Comments

The matrix display is being prepared for the Omaha mini maker faire.  It needed to be enclosed to keep prying hands away from the 120V power.  The enclosure was a scoreboard controller box that was saved from scrapping.  This was the perfect size to fit the matrix display in. 

As seen in the picture below, the left hand side is the cover to the right hand side base.

The cover had louvers punched into it that will eventually be removed for the matrix display to reside.

The controller box utilized a noise suppressor which will be reused for the scoreboard controller.  The transformer and power plug-in will not be used.  Instead a 7.5v power supply and standard plug in cable will be installed.

The ends had 7 - 15 pin connectors which were removed.  These will be kept for future projects.

Below is the layout of the boards and power supply.  Starting at the top of the picture is the controller board.  This currently is configurable only through reprogramming the code to allow for different messages to be seen.  I plan on updating this as soon as I can find some more time.  The second board from the top is the original controller board.  Really the only thing that is used on the board is the 5v power supply and header for connecting to the matrix display.  The next component down is the 7.5 V power supply which feeds all the led's and the original controller board.  At the bottom is the noise suppressor.

After I knew the components would fit, I then modified the face to allow for the matrix to be mounted.  The plasma cutter ended up warping the ends of the face, but once installed on the base, it flattened out.  Along the left of the face, the original louvers can be seen.  These were hammered down and then some electrical tape was laid along the edge to hide the damage.  This made it more eye appealing.

The boards were then mounted to the base and wired in.

The matrix was installed to the face and here is the assembled product: