Gah'ram Tower Engineer!!!

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Saint MehSaint Meh 09/01/2015 at 16:570 Comments

We need a structural engineer to look at my plans and stamp them. I have personally created all of the AutoCAD drawings and the wind/stress calculations. All he needs to do is stamp it! I can't meet the engineer any more on his terms. We lack the money to properly pay a structural engineer. All I can offer is $400 and six months of daily advertising! What more is there?! How can I raise these funds?! We have everything else. We just need the tower stamp so we can get the city building permit! It seems we have steps 1-5 and steps 8-12 complete! The engineers just keep falling through!

  1. Get written permission from a land owner to erect tower
  2. Get FCC permission to use 107.9FM in our area
  3. Get FAA permission to erect a tower within 10 miles of an airport.
  4. Get FCC construction permit
  5. Draw up tower plans
  6. Get plans reviewed and stamped
  7. Get Transmitter/EAS
  8. Generate content
  9. Gather at least $400/mo in sponsors and advertisers
  10. Obtain the tower
  11. Obtain the concrete/rebar/sand/forms for foundation
  12. Find a Licensed and Insured contractor willing to fulfill the plans

Ghah! This wasn't supposed to be the hard part!