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A project log for Inexpensive Multipurpose Parametric CNC Base

We've taken a simple CNC base and are writing a python code that can generate CAD drawings based on your needs. ~$100 build.

Eric JacobEric Jacob 08/20/2014 at 15:540 Comments

There are several options for transmitting/interpreting the gcode and controlling the stepper motors. The cheapest (but still quick and easy) way is to use pololu stepper motor controllers with an arduino board. This is sufficient for the smaller stepper motors (under 2A). 

Some kind individuals have written grbl, You can just use the Arduino IDE iterface to upload the code to the arduino. Then you'll want to use the universal gcode sender to upload your gcode to the arduino. It all works great. 

You are a little limited with the interface. If you want more control I would suggest moving to an actual CNC controller and Mach3. Of course this will cost more.