Working on the prototype

A project log for ZBeam - Shape Shifting Structures For Space

Self-reconfiguring modular structural elements for space habitats

Ronald JaramilloRonald Jaramillo 08/24/2017 at 21:300 Comments

After coming back from vacations (lovely Japan)  I'm slowly returning to my daily grind and finally carving time to work on the ZBeam.

Until now I have develop and tested the individual components of the system, now it's time to integrate everything into a cohesive product prototype.

Designing the casing has been a challenging puzzle. I soon realized that due to the resolution constrain of current FDM technology I have to drop my ambition of  packing everything into a CubeSat unit size (100x100x100mm), and settle for a larger (135x135x135mm) unit size (until I get my hands on some SLA or SLS printer).

I will be printing a lot this weekend, testing how everything fits together and iterating until I get it right.