Motherboard PCB

A project log for Mooov Motion Controller

ARM based Motion Controller for CNC, 3D-printer, Laser-cutter,.. 6 Axis, Helical, S-Profile

Pascal RoobrouckPascal Roobrouck 06/01/2017 at 08:220 Comments

Connecting the Teensy to (up to) 6 Motor Drivers, (up to) 6 peripherals Solid State Relays and (up to) 12 input switches, involves a lot of wiring. Furthermore all inputs are opto-coupled and all outputs are open-collector drivers, allowing any type of motor drivers to be used.

So I decided to design a PCB to keep al this clean. Turns out I needed about 100 * 140 mm.

PCB was designed in Autodesk Eagle, schematics and layout files are available on Github.

During assembly I noticesd a few mistakes : basically the serial port and USB port connector are hard to reach because other components are obstructing it. This will need to be solved in the next version.

I had the PCB manufactured at Euro-Circuits.