Big update is here... PROJECT COMPLETED

A project log for Arduino anti-theft alarm shield

Complete anti-theft alarm compatible with any kind of sensors, with RFID recognition, GSM and web server, based on Arduino Mega.

IngGaroIngGaro 06/04/2015 at 23:330 Comments

Ok guys, here we are, I worked a lot and the project is fully finished.

Many many news in the code.

Main change: I switched ethernet library. I used UIPEthernet in order to use standard ethernet call, so you can switch between ENC28J60 or standard W5100 just changing the library inclusion in the code.

Then, a lot of features were added:

I also posted an update drawing of the circuit and uploaded a fully arduino IDE with libraries I used for easy compiling.


Small request: if someone wants to help me to create a cool PCB shield for the project, write me in private!