TI CC1350 SensorTag

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danie-conradieDanie Conradie 06/08/2017 at 21:210 Comments

A quick overview of the CC1350 Sensortag development boards that arrived today. I must say they pack a lot of capability into a very small package (42x32x5mm), at a affordable price.

On board:

Connecting the sensors to my smartphone is as simple as downloading the TI app, pulling out the battery tab.

The boards also come with nice little enclosures. In the photo the module on the right has the Debug-DevPack added on top of it, which breaks out the remaining pins to a 1mm pitch header as well as some pads for grove sensors. It is also required to do firmware programming and debugging. It connects to the sensor tag via a hermaphroditic "SKIN connector". All the design files are available on the TI website, so designing my own DevPack to connect the other sensor I require should be relatively simple. I was able to get some free samples of the SKIN connectors which I will use for this purpose.

The board is actually the perfect size for testing as a ear tag. So the plan is to make a DevPack with the other sensor I require and make a enclosure that would allow use as a ear tag or collar. The GPS will add a bit to the size, and eat the coin cell for breakfast, but it should be enough for some quick testing. In short I believe this dev kit will be extremely handy for both this project and my FireBreakNet project.