Apparently competitive soldering is a "thing" now.

A project log for An Unfortunate SMD Project

If you like happy, easy to build projects, this is not for you. This project is only for people who like to be miserable and frustrated.

MakersBoxMakersBox 08/30/2018 at 21:590 Comments

Don't blame me.  I just wanted so see what small SMD parts looked like up close.

Tindie, who I sell my kits through, contacted me about some custom kits for DEFCON, and I was eager to see the board in different colors.  I think they turned out nice:

I kitted 100 of each.  DEFCON turned it into a contest with a time limit and scoring system.  I'm sure I wouldn't score in the top group, but it sounds like it was a success. 

The winners of the soldering challenge, at the Hackaday Breakfast Meetup at DEF CON 26.