Needs a revision of the PCB...

A project log for Epaper Display Badge

A mini EPD badge with bluetooth LE and SD card for standalone display

Thomas GonnotThomas Gonnot 10/11/2017 at 19:560 Comments

After upgrading the microcontroller to the STM32L031F6P6, I realized a very unfortunate fact.

Although the STM32L011F4P6 had the BOOT0 pin shared with the PB9 input, the new chip has only BOOT0 on this pin. Therefore, a press on the power button would not be detected. Although the design can still work with 2 buttons, I would like to have 3 buttons design.

On another note, ST also sells modules that includes both MCU and Bluetooth functionality, and if I can make is simpler that way, I will.

Next update in ... I don't really know...