Just published the project

A project log for Fire and Forget Wardriving

My project consists of a wardriving platform based around the Raspberry Pi that requires no maintenance after an initial setup.

Alex SikandAlex Sikand 08/18/2014 at 21:300 Comments

Hey guys, I just published to project and submitted it to the THP contest as well as the Hackaday tip line. At this point the script checks for prerequisite programs and if they are not installed, installs them with apt. Then it prompts the user to set a number of variables like how long the RPi should continuously wardrive for, the IP address and port number to which the RPi will be sending the output files, and many others...

The bash script then uses sed to edit config files based on user preference.

The sync function has been completed, it is just an rsync command with a bunch of user defined variables as arguments. 

I have decided I will be using the MUTT email client to send the logs via email. It is simple to do so, all you have to do is setup Mutt to use your gmail account and then all you have to do is call mutt, specify the recipient, subject, and the attachment file. What I am currently working on is how to make Mutt only send the most recently created output file. 

Once I have stitched together all the different parts and have a working/tested rough draft of the code I will upload it to GitHub, watch for updates!