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A project log for Mini WiFi/BLE 4WD robot platform

A compact & modular WiFi/BLE controlled 4WD robot platform with all required sensors

StefanStefan 06/16/2017 at 19:350 Comments

The sense of a WiFi/BLE enabled platform is the capability to control it remotely via WiFi or BLE. A smartphone is capable of both but by far not that easy to program as an ESP32 with the Arduino IDE. For all which are not capable of doing this the OSC protocol offers a very simple way to turn the smartphone into a bidirectional WiFI remote controller.

There is e.g. the TouchOSC app which can be loaded on the smartphone (not for free), an OSC library for the Arduino and a free editor for TouchOSC which allows building layouts on the computer and afterwards uploading it to the smartphone. With a remote control interface on the smartphone easily can be realized which works in both directions. To describe this in detail makes not too much sense as there are some tutorials for this on the web e.g. this one