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A project log for Hot Hot (Yushengtech) SMT50 OpenPnP conversion

Refactoring the SMT50 to work with OpenPnP

darryldar.ryl 09/06/2019 at 20:060 Comments

Well, there went 8 months with no progress, sorry!   Heading in a slightly new on.

I picked up some 4x4" aluminum bar stock from ALRECO with the intent of making a whole new head assembly to work with the Juki nozzle and longish quick change adapter from Betz Technik. Then I spent some time learning Fusion 360, then I got busy with...uhh, actual paying full time work.  Gotta make hay while the sun shines.

However, I just recently had a potential consulting client who desperately needed some SMT assembly work done, but couldn't say "yes" since the machine is disassembled.  Re-inspired by the utility of having a working placer,  I looked into buying a new head assembly with Juki nozzle support.  I decided instead to buy a dual head assembly from AliExpress.  I expect there will be some minor machining required to make it work, but nowhere near as ambitious as making the whole thing out of raw stock.  The new head assembly will arrive around the end of September.   

So now the to-do list looks like this: