Starting near the Finish line...

A project log for Volt the Robot

Volt is a Companion Robot

VolttherobotVolttherobot 07/24/2017 at 12:040 Comments

Starting from here and driving in reverse -

   We are almost done with Volt, and will be creating a new larger robot. It basically will be Volt, Mark 6, but may have another name. We would like to re-wire Volt, and swap out a few servos So we will kinda work backwards, doing a tear-down and explain how each of his systems' works as we repair him.


Anyway, here's the deal - We have a Maker Faire in about two months. Volt doesn't do well in large, noisy crowds,(he can't hear us), so we will be adding a COM system in order for him to hear our commands.

We are using two Walkie-talkies and will try it two ways : 1. attach the wires going to the speaker to where his microphone is. Use the other WT to send him commands. if that doesn't work, we'll just put the speaker next to his mic, so it can pick up our words.