Seadoo GTI Sea Scooter

You don't have a repair manual? No issue, here are the hacks I've done and now works better than before

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How to choose/repair/troubleshoot issues with the electronics board (CVI) of non-working SeaDoo GTI Sea Scooter with no repair manual.

This project explains how to repair at home the electronics board of the SeaDoo GTI Sea Scooter.

Full details have been also published here:


CVI - electronics board of GTI Seadoo Scooter - picture

JPEG Image - 413.36 kB - 06/18/2017 at 23:04



CVI - electronics board of GTI Seadoo Scooter - schematic diagram simplified & modified

JPEG Image - 112.71 kB - 06/18/2017 at 23:03


  • 1 × IRLB3034PBF Discrete Semiconductors / Power Transistors and MOSFETs
  • 1 × Rnew1 100k ohm Resistor 100k ohm
  • 1 × Rnew2 39k ohm Resistor 39k ohm
  • 1 × lithoshield LZ2 grease

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    Step 1


    How to choose/repair the electronics board (CVI) of non-working SeaDoo GTI Sea Scooter with no repair manual.


    - As one would expect, nobody gives any warranty or assumes any responsibility for the results of these hacks.


    - cheap batteries

    - unleash all the power of your GTI

    ## Choose the right sea scooter model

    I planned to buy initially an Aqua Ranger or Dolphin sea scooters (cheaper than GTI), but after getting feedback, I understood that even for very small kids are not strong enough, - and they were right. So the min. version is the GTI.

    With the Aqua Ranger money one can buy a 2nd hand GTI, (which, unfortunately may turn develop some issues - which we'll discuss later)

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    Step 2

    ## Battery:

    ### Travel note:

    - If you plan to travel by airplane, don't take the battery with you, the airline will not allow your battery, even if it's dry/sealed Pb battery.

    ### Good parts:

    - with ~30$ you can get a new battery from any car battery shop, in any country. I am very happy with it and it was very wise, I saved ~70$ by not getting the original ones, which have identical parameters (sealed/dry Pb battery, same power or even better).

    - They are so cheap, you can buy 2, to assure you for a really long day :).

    - Myself never managed to deplete a fully charged one in a single day.

    ### Getting fancy:

    If you want to be more fancy, get into the Lithuium ones (even SeaDoo started to provide such option for the high end sea scooters).

    As per my research, LiFePO4 would be the most appropriate, but, you may have other opinion.

    Here are some options: . I never ordered them, and I am not aware how they ship them, as airlines rarelly accept batteries, so discuss with seller. The good part is that you have insurance, and if it doesn't reach you, you get a voucher or something like this with that amount.

    Ensure you make the series/parallel arangement such that your voltage is within a Pb battery (11.x - 13.y)

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    Step 3

    ## The issue

    After a full summer, it stopped working. I checked battery, etc. The contacts are magnetic, so I tried to check using 2 stronger magnets, but no success. (After opening the CVI electronics board, I checked again the magtenic switches (using a magnet) and both were fine: you can measure them, or even listen how the "click".

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