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A project log for Moka

A Monome-like 4x4 tilable pad with RGB leds

Pierre-Loup M.Pierre-Loup M. 03/22/2019 at 23:590 Comments

About a week ago, I was looking for something to do... And I decided I would come back to this project, and see what was needed to finish it.

There were two things I wanted to improve.
The first one is that I forgot to put a diode before each button, so there were phantom pushes... not a big deal, even if there is not that much room left on the board.
The second one was that I find the pad from Adafruit to be a bit too hard to push to make it comfortable to use as a musical instrument, so I was looking at a way to design my won silicon pad.

I was wondering if maybe Adafruit could have update their pad in that way... And the ndiscovered that they have just made the NeoTrellis, which does... exactly what Moka does.

So, time to move to another project ! :)