Small update

A project log for MARK-II

Simple SoC written in VHDL.

Vladislav MlejneckýVladislav Mlejnecký 07/20/2018 at 10:130 Comments


this log will be really short. I finished my school.... get new job as embedded developer ... and didn't have too much free time left.

Anyway, I'm still working on this project. And don't want stop it. At this time I'm working on toolchain update, I want to rewrite it to C and make some things faster, especially bootloader.

I also want to start work on stdlibc, I'm in touch with vbcc author, Dr. Berthelmann, and ask him about more information about vclib.

And of course ... I want write rest of peripherals, and improve CPU performance, maybe using pipeline. :) 

All these goals will probably take about few month to complete, maybe even year. So wish me luck!