Electronics Assembly

A project log for Handheld Camera Gimbal

For Mirrorless and Mid-Size DSLRs.

matt-barrMatt Barr 07/18/2017 at 11:100 Comments

The electronics side of this gimbal is pretty straight forward if using a dedicated gimbal controller. I went with an Alexmos 32-bit board. The motor wires were already long enough, so I just added some ¼” braided sleeving for protection. A 3S lipo fits, with room to spare, inside the aluminum channel grip. Standard lipo straps work well too.  1 Oz fishing sinkers make good counterweights for balance.  Finally, I added a simple toggle switch to control power to the board. Everything is assembled and working at this stage. A simple light stand, as seen below, should work great for tuning and calibration.