A Wearable MIPI display for STM32F769

1.39" MIPI round display for STM32F769 Discovery Board

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It is a MIPI round display for STM32F769 Discovery Board

I always wonder why the information about using MCU to drive MIPI display is so little to run by. A little effort after, I realized that was because most MCU don't support MIPI feature. Now I found this STM32F769 has that support and here is what I came up with. If I can make it better, your feedback is welcome.

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    TM32F769 Discovery kit.

    MFT MIPI adapter, DISP MIPI01 (the board I made here)

    1.39" Round display 400x400 , model DLC0139AZOG.

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    Development IDE

    I tried to use Eclipse tool chain, but wihtout suceess. I can't even make F769-DISCO board to blink its. (as of 05/2017)

    So I used online compiler,

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    Further Details

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