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A project log for Cable Six Axis Robotic Arm

This six axis robot arm is controlled by hand with 6 slide controls. It is an experimental project to research movements and for challenges.

3D Meister3D Meister 07/12/2017 at 20:230 Comments

It took me 3 weeks to get this run and it works better than i expected.

This experiment can be useful for another project, or fun.

The structure.

First i had cut the plastic with my CNC machine and make all the features from different sides. I am sure it 3D printable.
The holes for the pull cables must be rounded for minimum friction.

The holes for the cables

The cable have to come out at the right spot and the should not pass any corner. I drilled 1.5mm holes and than i use a hot wire to melt the corners round. they lead always into the center hole of the arm.

Thread the cables

Starting from the arm trough the drilled holes and all elements down to the control box where they bend above an arrangement bar to the slider.

I had it complete and now i disassemble the robotic arm for minimizing the weight and some little tunings. New style and futures cumin up in my next log