2017-08-16 (W) Pi0 Laser Tag PiTagErrUs

A project log for PiTagErrUs

Transform a piece of plumbing pipe into a rugged laser tag gun.

Brian McEvoyBrian McEvoy 08/17/2017 at 17:030 Comments
Four Raspberry Pi 0s were selected along with four brass spacers. The spacers were meant to add some distance between the PCB holder and the computer. This allows solder joints and other things to pass under it without putting pressure on the board.

PCB holders, spacers and Pis

Before the computers could be mounted, control boards were attached the PCB holders. These were previously populated with components and Arduinos. Each control board had to be strapped in place with a long zip tie which went through the top of the PCB holder. The Raspberry Pi will be covering this area so the zip tie had to be installed before the computer.

Four control boards installed

The Raspberry Pis were installed with #4 (3mm) screws which passed through the computer mounting holes, spacers and into the designated holes modeled into the PCB holder. The clearance provided by the spacers was more than enough for the zip tie underneath. The space should also aid in keeping the computer cool since it is open on all sides.

Assembled PCB holder and boards