Our Smart Tap for Perfect Beer

We're building a smart beer tap to monitor temperature and pressure in the beer line, control foam, and track inventory through analytics.

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We are developing a smart beer tap to standardize pouring the perfect beer across all bars and restaurants that serve draft beer. We will use patent robotics and flow control algorithms. The industry standard accepted keg loss is up to 20%. We plan to significantly decrease this number by tracking free pints, minimizing loss to foam, and portion control pours. This device will increase profits as well as increase the quality of draft beer in bars and restaurants across the world!

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zakqwy wrote 08/09/2017 at 15:04 point

Interested in details, particularly related to cleanability. Designing sanitary instruments (temperature, pressure, flow, etc) that are low cost and durable isn't an easy task! Can you share more about the project?

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