SLS Manufacturing of parts

A project log for UAProsthetics - A Powered Hand

UAProstheticHand is a dexterous under-actuated robotic hand designed to grasps everyday objects with low mental loading and at low cost

Taran RavindranTaran Ravindran 09/21/2017 at 03:090 Comments

Today allot of progress was made in the departments of part manufacturing for USProstheticHand! For awhile I was planning on having parts made on Formlabs' new Fuse 1 3D Printer, but due to unforseen circumstances I was unable to print them on this device. After this is started looking around for cheap SLS 3D print shops and stumbled on a website called which is a great resource that helps connect people who want to have parts 3D printed to 3D Print shops all across the world. And at reasonable prices too! Today I selected a print shop in Boston that will be printing my parts out in the next week. There were some issues that Chris saw in my parts as seen in the images below (red spots) as a result of features that were too small in the CAD to be actually printed. Luckily Chris allowed me to modify the parts and make them more suitable for SLS Manufacturing.

The parts should be shipped out of the shop on September 27th and I have to say I am eagerly awaiting them! I am excited to see what my new friend Chris has in store for us!