Dyeing SLS Parts Blue

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UAProstheticHand is a dexterous under-actuated robotic hand designed to grasps everyday objects with low mental loading and at low cost

Taran RavindranTaran Ravindran 10/16/2017 at 00:520 Comments

As discussed in my previous log, I wasn't the biggest fan of the white colour of parts, so I have decided to dye the parts grey. I followed the instructable for dyeing Nylon parts that can be found here.

The process was extremely easy and straight-forward, and although my parts didn't exactly turn out grey I was pleasantly surprised to find out that my parts had turned a dark blue colour! Photos below show the colour of the parts before and after dyeing.  I was impressed at how consistently coloured the parts were, as I had expected the parts to be super blotchy. One thing I would suggest for anyone trying to evenly dye their partts is to make sure that your parts are completely submerged in your dying solution (I used RIT fabric dye) and to make sure to continually  stir the parts in the dying solution!