New Cherry MX Controllerboards and a first Case

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sisamsisam 10/19/2014 at 11:410 Comments

The previous days I built two new Cherry MX controllerboards. At the first one I minimized the distance between the switches.

Heres a foto of the second one:

I also cut the parts for the cases of both new controllerboards out of a 3mm MDF board.

parts for case for board2 ( parts for case for board1 are similar )

And I built the case for board1 :

First I glued together this two parts :

Next I milled these hollows into the parts, to give the springs on the USB connector space to let them do what they do.

Then I glued some small card pieces on the bottom of the board to have a flat contact area.

Next I glued the board and the USB connector into the bottom part of the case, and fixed the wires with some hot glue.

To hold the connector in place I used a piece of a 3mm MDF, which I put under the connector.

Then I glued the top of the case on it.