FreeThought and Robot App now run on MacOS, Made Small 3-wheel robot in a few days

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ted-huntingtonTed Huntington 07/22/2017 at 06:280 Comments

7/21/17 11:14pm Excited to announce that Freethought (the library I wrote to create windowed apps in Linux and Windows) now runs in MacOS! It only required a few minimum changes- I even found and fixed a nasty array overrun error in the Robot code thanks to testing in MacOS.  I will be uploading that code to my page soon- I am going to move all my robot and freethought code there from now on.

 Then I took the two 3D printed motor connected wheels off of my 2-leg robot (by the way I found wheel on my 2-leg robot to be much tougher than I planned- but perhaps with bigger wheels that have more friction it could work without too much trouble- and I'm sure would be a lot of fun)- and I moved them and a 3rd non-motored 3D printed wheel and using a Banana Pro running the Robot app in Lubuntu- the native OS image- am able to move the little rover around and turn it- without changing a single line of code in the Robot app.