Win, lose, or draw, this Hackaday Contest has been a lot of fun and a serious learning experience!

A project log for Robot Building Kit and Development Environment

An open-source robot developing environment that helps inventors build low-cost robots without having to start from scratch.

ted-huntingtonTed Huntington 07/24/2017 at 04:440 Comments

7/23/17 I just added a lot of videos to this project, and win, lose, or draw, this contest has been a lot of fun already, and a really good learning experience for me. This contest helped me realize that I want to branch out more with this Robot Kit and App to make more different kinds of Robots- before this I had tunnel vision on my two-leg robots. In addition, I am having a lot of fun looking through the other projects in the contest- there are a lot of poor geniuses out there- and I am sure I can learn a lot of new and interesting ideas by checking out the other projects.