A project log for Soft Robotics Modules

A modular design for a soft robotic molds.

Nelson PhillipsNelson Phillips 04/14/2018 at 07:000 Comments

To support the silicone actuators an exoskeleton is used so the actuator do the actuation and the exoskeleton provides the structure allowing for more predictable use of the manipulator. Carrying on with the modular theme there is three main sections that makeup the manipulator, the centre, extension and end section. The centre section is the main configurable part of the system that supports the extension and ends. 

The pivot is made from small bearing with a inner diameter of 2mm with a mm grub screw acting as the axle fix into the following part be it the extension or end section.

Number of configurations so far.

The following is some animations of four possible configurations. With at least seven configurations modeled so far and more possible the number of combinations are extensive. Should do a spread sheet..........