The new wireless connection

A project log for Bástya V1.5

Upgraded robot for telepresence and VR experiments

BTomBTom 07/23/2017 at 14:560 Comments

In the previous version we used a Tenda router because the raspberry on board WIFI adapter was not enough. At the presentations in the noisy WIFI environments, we experienced lots of problems with the Tenda router too.

We upgraded to a Mikrotik routerboard. We chose the 2x2 MIMO 5Ghz version, because we need more bandwidth than distance. (RB922)

It has an USB connector where you can plug in mobil internet modems. We tried it with 4G USB sticks and it's worked.

With this new router we can use the robot through the internet. In the future we will test it out, and gather some performance measurement. This will open up new possibilities for the use of the robot.