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A project log for Dynamometer for Post Stroke Rehabilitation

An open-source, 4-channel differential dynamometer for post-stroke rehabilitation. Includes 4 force sensors, device with display and PC soft

Sergei  V. BogdanovSergei V. Bogdanov 07/27/2017 at 11:320 Comments

You can download docs and programms from Github. The latest version

Content 2017 07 27

DifDin4_Uno_LCD_Engl00.JPG Device schematics in graphim view, english language titles and marks

DifDin4_Uno_LCD_Engl00.spl7 Device schematics in SPlan format, english language titles and marks

DifDinLCD.ino code for Arduino IDE. Device with LCD 2x16 Display. GNU Licence

t2.hex hex file for direct load to atmel atmega328pu microcontroller (in Arduino Nano), without boot sector this file