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A project log for Scorpion 3.0

Multi tool design for the IIIrd world countries

Marius TaciucMarius Taciuc 08/07/2017 at 01:120 Comments

In case you are wondering who is making my PCB's, is

This PCB is designed and rendered using DipTrace. Hopefully, I will be able to take out some of the heat using those viases underneath the LM2596, to transfer some of this heat to the display mounting hole and from there to the display frame that will be popping outside of the plastic case. 

    I will probably have to print the plastic case using a white or yellow color, just to make sure that it won't heat up if it will accidentally be exposed to sun or other external sources of heat. I hope it will work and the entire thing will actually switch 40W successfully. If everything works as desired and I will approach an efficiency of 90%, this means that I will only have to dissipate @4W on this PCB (peak wattage for a limited time) and that is OK. I made some test circuits using the LM2596 and my setup and it's all looking promising. 

   Until I will be able to post pictures and movies with the actual PCBs, I'll keep updating the logs and pictures with details about how I imagine the case will look like, more technical stuff, probably some software updates and more description. 

   Stay tuned! I'm also excited to see how the final product will look like when I will be having the case and the actual PCB fitted together. It's a nice feeling to have something physically coming to life from a simple non-material Idea.