2017 Shenzhen iSDG Assembly

A project log for Remnesia

Frugal recognition smartglasses to help patients with memory disorders remember names #SDGclass2017

malekemoumaleke.mou 09/04/2017 at 13:370 Comments

I developt this project as part as CRI Labs’ summer school around the UN Sustainable Development Goals and "co-design innovative solutions for global sustainability".

[Read More about the CRI Labs Summer School]

My project fits the goal number 3 “Good health and well-being”. [Read more about SDGs]

In this context, we were offered the opportunity to take part in the iSDG Shenzhen Assembly, just like other students and teachers from Harvard, Geneva University, Tshingua University...

The goal of this assembly was to gather students, researchers and makers - from all over the world and from different background - involved on this thematic. We had time to share experiences, ideas, feedbacks. And concerning my own project, I received the help from Chinese students and others, about my “wireless step”. For example, why not using images segmentations techniques that can be used offline instead of the Amazon API.


I also had the chance to participate in a small workshop on how to establish a business model with the canvas from

Another log will be posted later with my project’s business model.