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Making a mermaid tail that can be used to swim

QuinnQuinn 07/31/2017 at 22:320 Comments

I had previously made the fabric cover for the tail, but had not modified the monofin.  When initially worn, the monofin was not required as the tail was only worn for show, not actual swimming.  For an upcoming event, I need to be able to swim in it, so need to complete the project.

When I originally made the cover, I planned it out for the monofin, so my pattern already took it into account.  I started by pulling out the original paper pattern, the monofin, and the plastic sheeting.

This method of modifying the monofin was based on this video:

I liked some of the ideas from the video, but wanted to make some adjustments in how I did it.  I am using the same monofin and plastic sheeting as shown in the videos.