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A project log for Osomcom POCSAG

Fully functional POCSAG (beeper/pager) network

RamiroRamiro 08/21/2014 at 01:250 Comments

I already have been working in a new hardware version. 

This new hardware use a ARM processor instead of a PIC, has USB and TCP/ETHERNET support and can modulate not only in digital modes but also in analog. That means that is not limited to be used for POCSAG but can be used with  other protocols like APRS, FLEX or just analog FM for voice transmission.

The first three boards have been already built and I am in process of developing the firmware. So far I have been able to transmit digital FSK packets and analog NFM voice transmisions. In the next week I hope to be able to build the entire POCSAG stack and for the next week I will develop a simple APRS stack.