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A project log for Otto LC

A Laser cut chassis for the Otto DIY robot.

Florian FestiFlorian Festi 08/19/2017 at 13:240 Comments

When we decided to do a Otto Bot workshop in early 2017 I drafted the chassis pretty quickly. Although the legs are a bit complicated - the body basically is just a hinged box I already had - it quickly looked like a robot. But only with the workshop approaching got the last details fixed - e.g. the holders for the PCB, the "teeth" holding the head shut, the hole for the main switch, the final size of the ankle screws.

In parallel a group of people was working on a new firmware for the robot and a GUI for moving and calibrating the robot and to create new movement pattern. They currently still lack proper documentation and I have not yet decided whether to make them part of this project here or if they should get their own place - either here on HackaDay or may be just on GitHub.

As a result of this effort the chassis grew an additional mode switch that allows switching between different programs.

We also did building instructions in German with a lot of pictures.

With this in place we did two workshops with 5 kids each.

Lessons learned:

Improvements to the chassis since: