Halloween, Ceramic glue problems

A project log for Captain Underpants Toilet

Arduino controlled Toilet using wiper motors and wave shield, range finder. Eyes made out of ping pong balls with green LEDs

hamblin.joehamblin.joe 11/08/2017 at 18:110 Comments

The Captain Underpants Toilet was out for Halloween.  It was a big hit with everyone who showed up.  Took some explaining for the adults the kids all got it.

I added a LED light in the Bowl.  I put some red shading on it so it glows red.  I control the LED from the Arduino.  This looks really good at night.

The new Cam system worked well.  The current problem is the glue that holds the Cam follower (3D printed) to the side of the tank, keeps coming off.  I got a new special professional hot glue gun with hot glue that has much higher temp.  That has not solved the problem.  Everything will be fine then one day the Cam follower part will be laying inside the tank not glued to the side.  This is a major pain as the alignment for this part is very difficult.  I'm not looking into some type of Ceramic epoxy.