A Curse and a new Binary Release

A project log for W1209 Data Logging Thermostat

The W1209 thermostat is cheap, but it's about time that it learns new tricks!

ThomasThomas 05/16/2020 at 09:020 Comments

Getting started with any new technology involves a learning curve. If more than one new concept is involved then the learning curve can appear "steep". A good part of that steepness comes from those talking about the technology: they assume too much about what the non-initiated will understand. That's known as the curse of knowledge.

I got a good demonstration of the curse when helping someone to get started with the W1209 Data Logging Thermostat. Things I took for granted were everything but, and bugs were lurking behind them.

You live and learn: if someone can't use the docs to get started find out why. Refactoring should not only look at the technical side, but also at how accessible the code is. One recent development that made maintaining and using STM8 eForth projects easier is the modular build: it's no longer necessary to develop board-support and core in lockstep since the board support code can be maintained in the application project. The result is easy to use binary releases for applications.