Other uses for the SWAN electromagnetic interface

A project log for SWAN open source AAC

A communicator for non-verbal disabled people. An acronym for SWitch to AlphaNumeric. An auditory scanned alphabet, message creator.

Roger CurryRoger Curry 08/20/2014 at 10:140 Comments

The ability to very simply and cheaply add a switch input to an inexpensive android phone, offers many possibilities for use in areas other than AAC.

A burglar alarm - a passive infra red motion sensor module such as this......

..... costing £0.99 from china, connected with the SWAN electromagnetic interface, would enable a highly sophisticated alarm or room monitoring system to be developed. An app could easily be written in Tasker which could, for instance, send a text message to another mobile phone upon detecting a person in the monitored area. The person receiving the text could then text back with instructions to the android alarm system app -

on - bluetooth an audio file of an alarm sound to a bluetooth speaker.

msg - same with an audio message, e.g. "Leave the premises immediately!"

off - switch audio off

log - send no more text messages, just log times of detection

auto - sound alarm automatically when intruder is detected

Since the PIR module can output pulses >1 sec, the speed issues I'm having with SWAN using MIT App Inventor and Tasker do not arise.

Industrial uses - for instance, a switch at the end of a production line could be triggered as each manufactured item is finished. Connected to an inexpensive mobile phone, data such as line rate, down time, shift total etc. could be sent by text to the production manager at set intervals. The phone could be protected, and made robust enough for industry, by a suitable IP65 enclosure.