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A project log for MoonLITE

Interactive lighting elements for the mobility impaired. Designing a power supply for architectural scale interactive EL installations

foolfool 08/08/2017 at 20:030 Comments

wwWait one moment, I forget that we have not introduced ourselves. 

We are the humans shepherding the "Whoa Board", @whoaboard. Documented it last year. Got a shout out here :O.

We've since opened a store, courtesy of kickstarter.  We've shipped those orders (if you supported, would love to hear your thoughts!), but used a few of them to experiment with larger pieces so that we could illustrate some material ideas and test things to make sure they actually work :).  

This process started when we were invited to present at Hacking Arts, INST-INT, and SXSW Create (fbook link).  Most recently, we attended SIGGRAPH (as part of the STUDIO, here's the program - lot's of VR for breakfast, coincidentally the title of our talk - slides).

The largest project we've built so far is the Space Frame (designed by @spacecubs) "harp" with 12 Whoa Boards, 48 wires.  Each board sends MIDI over USB to a computer running abelton live to make sounds.  The "horizontal" (purple) wires trigger a MIDI pulse only where triggered, the "vertical" (orange) trigger it on every on-off, so you hear the wave you see.  Audio Signal and Sound Design developed by Zanzie (insta link) (music video en route).

Muffin and Leanne also made some vests.  Here's the V1.  V2 will be a networked hot potato.  You can find the work in progress code for that game here:

Muffin on someones left (his or yours, who knows)! Zanzie (Addington-white) is the other one.

Another larger thing we worked on this year was this art installation developed by Alex Gindal, Kaiwen Fa, and Wyatt Laster.  It used the ability to create groundloops as the interaction to advance in a game, forcing players to interact with each other - body with body :O.