Talking alarm clock with NTP & Google cal sync

A simple talking Alarm Clock that allows you to set alarms using Google calendar and synced with NTP.

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It all started out 30 years ago. When I built a talking alarm clock based off a 6502. Sound samples were stored on EPROM, (not this new flash stuff!), and bank switched into the 6502s small address space. I recorded myself saying 1, 2, 3, etc. Ended up with around 50 samples that just fit into each page size of the 6502.

30 years later I wanted to build another that had a few more features. So here it is.
The newer version has:
* 24x8 blue LED matrix display.
* NTP sync.
* Google calendar syncing.
* SD card with sound samples.
* Web interface for control.
* Variety of display formats, (scrolling, fixed, AM/PM, etc).

Some of my future plans:
* Display alarm details from Google calendar.
* Set the alarm MP3 file to play from Google calendar.

I've added a YouTube video of the initial build here:

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    Initial build

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